The Big Sin Tax Debate

Should a sin tax be added to meat? This is what PETA is currently pushing for claiming meat, poultry and fish are just as bad for the human body as smoking cigarettes. I personally would be horrifically sick if I tried to become vegetarian or vegan. My body needs red meat and animal protein and performs better with than without it.

I find it sad that there is so much of the wrong information out there currently being made sensational by multi million dollar lobby groups like PETA. Almost half the people voting on an online survey believe a lady they do not know when she says that there should be a sin tax on meat. Claiming vegans don’t get diseases and cancer at the same rate other ‘meat eaters’ do. Therefor vegans should not have to foot the extra burden of everyone else’s healthcare. And when I say meat eaters she is also referring to taxing poultry and fish because it’s all equally bad and that is where all the E. coli outbreaks come from in her mind. I can’t count the number of times veggies have been recalled due to E. coli and many times contamination is traced back to workers unwashed hands, especially in meat processing.

I do not have anything against people choosing to be vegetarian or vegan. I love that we live in a country where most people have access to so much food and are not struggling to feed their families that they can choose their diets, this is not a reality in many places. What I have a huge problem with is food shaming and that is exactly what this is. If we have the stance that fed is best when it comes to formula or breast milk for our babies why do we suddenly start putting down others choices when it comes to food? How is the mom feeding her children organic only better than the mom who buys what she can afford? Should one feel better about her decisions than the other? No. Should one feel she is the cause of her children’s health problems? No.

I kindly ask you to take the time to speak to the agricultural experts in this discussion. Reach out to the farmers and ranchers and talk to them. Discuss your worries or fears with them, I guarantee they will take the time to talk to you and to help you find links to articles actually based in recognized science because they want a chance to tell their side of the story.

Instead of attacking, shake the hand that feeds you!

imageI got into an argument tonight on social media. Well it wasn’t so much of an argument as it was a conversation in which I tried to stick up for the Dairy Industry that was being slammed in one of those horrific videos made by animal right activists. (You know the type, they consist of a couple over edited clips taken from 1000’s of hours of footage in order to horrify the general public into believing the worst about farmers.) I was also trying to set straight the lies told by the poster about the handling of sick cattle including down cows. I was polite, friendly and truthful which of course means in return I was attacked and then blocked by the poster because heaven forbid I should actually educate any of her followers. I still feel sick to my stomach about it because I am not the kind of person that seeks out confrontation but sometimes I can’t just sit by and say nothing.

Most farms in North America are family run operations, some are being managed by 4th and 5th generation farmers. These are kind, honest, hardworking individuals that are passionate about their crops, animals and their lives. Because farming is a way of life, not a job. It is all consuming, requires family sacrifice, sometimes it’s heartbreaking and it’s not for the faint of heart. We are not heartless creatures out to deceive you or abuse our animals and we are doing the best we can with the tools available to us. Many of us work off farm jobs because we do not bring in enough money farming to fully support our families. We are not in agriculture for the profits, to us it is a labor of love and I can guarantee we love and respect our soil and our animals more then you do.

I have an idea, instead of attacking the hand that quite literally feeds you how about you shake it and start up a conversation! I think it is safe to say at least 99% of people depend on agriculture and farmers at least a couple times a day, myself included. I would love to be self-sustaining but I don’t think I will ever get to the point where I can raise, grow, produce and make everything that I need in my life. If we all depend on Ag why are we so quick condemn, judge and share misleading information about agricultural?

Next time you see a video or a meme about the agricultural industry why don’t you reach out to a farmer with your questions? Don’t just believe everything you see, share and more on. How about we also try to have a little more humanity, compassion, respect and understanding when dealing with each other. I absolutely love that we have the freedom to choose what we eat and where we buy our food. I do not begrudge your lifestyle choices and I kindly ask you not to condemn or attack mine. Want to be a vegetarian? Thats great. Want to only buy organic food? Good for you. Want to be a vegan? More power to you. Those are your choices and you control them, personally I love me some meat! And that is not something that you have the right to attempt to change, control or dictate.

Much love

Want to learn more about farming?!  Watch the documentary licences to farm. Link below.