To all my friends and family members who have heard about the recent court case ruling in the states against roundup please read below. I apologize as a farmer for not doing my best to communicate from day one that what we are doing and using is safe and I would like a chance to respond now

As a farmer I use glyphosate in my fields to control weeds in the spring and in the fall so that my crop has a chance of growing. You see I am tasked with attempting to grow enough food to feed the world. Glyphosate the chemical ingredient in roundup is less toxic than caffeine, salt and beer. We follow proper procedure and safety protocols to make sure our use of it is safe. Without the use of glyphosate many will turn to much more toxic chemicals to try to control their weeds and unlike some of the ‘natural’ chemicals organic farmers are licensed to use like copper sulphate, glyphosate does not build up in our soils nor is it toxic to animals. Without this very important tool we would be forced to turn to methods that set the stage for the dirty 30’s we would be forced to till our fields relentlessly to try to control the weeds that threaten our crops ability to grow and thrive. Not only has glyphosate allowed to adapt no till farming methods reducing our soil erosion by 50% but it has also allowed us to create healthier soil that retains more carbon.

As humans we attach emotions to our decision making and the jury in the court case you mention made a ruling based on emotion not science. I feel for this man and his family I truly do, what they are going through is unimaginable and in a way it means as a farmer I have failed to communicate the safety in what I am doing. Many have issues with round because it is a chemical that came from Monsanto and they view them as the big evil. If glyphosate was as toxic as everyone with no science background or proof is trying to say it is than farmers would have been dying from in for the past 40 years and we are not. I kindly ask you and anyone reading this post to reach out to a farmer next time they see an article written not in science but rather in fear to drive an agenda, because we want to be part of the conversation.

As a mom I know what it is like to try to navigate a crazy world and raise my children safely and I want to assure you that you do not need to fear food. You do not need to stand in a grocery store isle stressed and wondering if that product was grown in a way that is safe for your children, I assure you it was. My children snack on the grains we raise right out of the field and I know that is okay because science has proven it safe. Health Canada completed a review of glyphosate only last year and ruled with the science that it is a safe herbicide for us to use in our fields and a chemical that you do not need to fear.

Link to Health Canada’s report summer

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