Today we celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day!!

Agriculture isn’t only the industry that employees me. It is my families business, it is the way we choose to lives our life and raise our little girls. It is also the way in which we connect to our country and the world.

In agricultural we are always learning, inventing, adapting and growing to become more sustainable, more environmental and more productive.

Thanks to minimum till practises we save more than 170 million letters of fuel from being burned annually in Canada.

Since 1987 soil erosion in wheat production has decreased by 50% in corn production 69% and in soybean production 49%.

In 2014 Beef production contributed $51 billion to Canada’s economy and cattle thrive on grasslands where crops would not.

Canada is the worlds largest producer and exporter of durum wheat, which is used for making pasta! Canada is also the worlds largest exporter of lentils, both of which my family is proud to grow!

Canada is the worlds second largest exporter of malt barley, some companies even love our malting barley so much they have moved their breweries here!

Recent increase in Canola biodiesel use is the equivalent of taking 300,000 cars off Canadian roads because biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 99% over gasoline.

My family is proud to farm and we are proud to be part of the 97% of Canadian farms which are family owned and operated!!

Happy Ag Day Everyone!

If you enjoyed the stats in this post head on over to Agriculture More Than Ever’s website for these and many more!


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