Boxing Day left the farm at 5:30am and drove 6.5 hours to look at a combine header in Manitoba. We bought the header, got stuck trying to get it out of the Quonset and then had to wire trailer lights in -40 and start the journey home. We had planned to make it half way and stay the night in Regina. We made it 90km outside our halfway point and blew a tire on the header transport.

We were on the side on the highway in -40, did I mention yet it was -40 😳 trying to change a tire and it’s gotten dark. We had the wrong jack and couldn’t get the transport high enough to take the tire off. My father in law makes custom wood furniture and the stain sample blocks were in the truck so we used them to block up the header and rejack. After beating on the tire for 10 minutes we got it off only to realize the spare we had didn’t fit. During this whole process I was blown away by how many vehicles didn’t slow down or change lanes to give us space. We put the blown tire back on and slowly drove on the rim, speaks flying till we found an approach where we were able to leave the header just off the highway on a grid road. That all took us 1.5 hours and we wrecked the rim in the process.

We spent the night in the Regina as planned, first thing in the morning went to a tire shop with the old rim and bought 2 new rims and tires so we would have a spare. Got back out to the header and realize the new tires don’t fit either 😑 oh and it’s still -40. At this point I put a call out to Ag twitter while my husband started calling equipment dealers trying to find a rim. Thanks to my tweet we had a farmer friend meet us in under 2 hours and lots of other messages with offers to help! By 1pm we were back on the road heading to the Regina to pick up the brand new rim we tracked down and get a tire put on it. Huge thanks to Danny for coming to our rescue and for Youngs Equipment to sourcing the only Macdon rim in Regina for us, thus allowing us to have a spare in case we blew another tire.

By this point it’s 3:30pm and we make the call to spend another night in Regina so that we can safely drive home during daylight the next morning. Luckily the Grandparents had the girls as they would not have fared well on our trip. What an adventure we ended up having! My heart is full knowing that I am part of the agricultural community, a community so amazing that it comes together to help out fellow farmers no mater the day or the temperature!


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