I apologize for disappearing this summer, upon logging in today I realized I have not made a post since May 2nd! This blog is all about catching you up on the whirlwind that has been our lives this summer.

Right before seeding (we started end of April) I came across the most beautiful 1920’s character farm house on twitter. The house needed to be moved before July 1st as the couple who owned the farm yard were going to start building on the foundation. I retweeted it and tagged my husband in it jokingly commenting “wouldn’t this look great in our new yard?!” Fast forward to June 23rd and we had that gorgeous 1920’s farm house sitting on its new foundation, a foundation we built ourselves.

During seeding I pulled all the river stones off the fireplace and with the help of my in laws demolished and cleaned up a 7 ton chimney. We plan to have a fireplace in the house but keeping the existing fireplace and chimney added way to many costs and challenges to our project, because they were not original to the house I wasn’t heartbroken over removing them. In 6 weeks we burnt the dilapidated house down in our yard, had a basement dug, with the help of family and friends poured our footing, built a wood foundation, poured our concrete basement floor and moved our new ‘old’ house! Before this project I knew nothing absolutely nothing about building a foundation! My Dad said “Megz we cant build a basement, we don’t know how to build a basement and it has to hold a house!” I replied “that’s okay we will figure it out as we go!”

With our new ‘old’ house settling on her new foundation it was time to move onto the next jobs on our list. My husband became very busy with in crop spraying and we started haying. July was also the only month I had in which to plan our wedding which took place on our family farm on August 5th! During July we worked on many of the things that made our day so special. My mom and I sewed lace from the bottom of her wedding dress onto the flower girl dresses for our girls, my Mother in law was busy with getting the farm yard ready and had flowers and plants started in spring for that day. With the help of my Dad and my Father in law we wired the tarp barn (after putting a new roof on it as the old one blew away in March). I then took on a bunch of Pintrest projects, we made wagon wheel chandeliers using mason jars and wagon wheels that were off Great Grampas wagon. Hand painted a sign for above the bar and all the signs for on the road, we built a bar and a stage for the band and hung twinkly lights everywhere. We also made all the burgers for the wedding bbq using our own beef and we made our own midnight lunch using ham, turkey and pulled beef all raised on our farm.

We were so blessed to have such an amazing day surrounded by family and good friends.  It was a bit of a trek for most of my of my family and friends and we so appreciated everyone putting in the miles to make it out and then helping us get everything organized once they got here! We had a simple small ceremony in the pouring rain at the back dug out on the family farm. Our girls rode miniature ponies down the isle and we did a hand fastening ceremony using a ribbon of Elliott tartan to celebrate my Scottish family history.  My diamond engagement and wedding bands belonged to my Dads Grandmother and my simple gold wedding band belonged to my Moms, Mom. My husbands wedding band was made using a silver 2 pence piece by his dad when he worked over seas on drilling rigs. After our ceremony we had a lovely bbq on the deck followed by a barn dance to the musical styling’s of Saskatoon’s own Longshot! All  in all it was perfect and we wouldn’t have changed a thing!

We started harvest and pickling the week after the wedding and that has kept us busy right up until now! I have more posts in mind to write and I promise I will not keep you waiting as long as I did this last time!

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