I am packing tonight and oh so excited to be doing so! I’m not going on trip or anything fancy like that but I have taken 6 days of Special Effects work on a TV show in Calgary! And that my friends is much more exciting in my books! I haven’t done any film work since 2013 when I officially moved out to Saskatchewan and started farming with my man. Don’t get me wrong I love farming and am so passionate about it but film is my other passion. On top of the excitement I am racked with mom guilt because I’m leaving my girls for 8 days and my baby girl will officially be weened. We have been slowly cutting out breastfeeding but me suddenly leaving means it’s for sure over and I’m sad about it. I also feel guilty because I’m not nursing her as long as I nursed her sister but I need this for me so I’m battling through the guilt. I hate to admit this but as much as I love my girls and being home with them I also feel like it is sucking my soul. I know I am so lucky to have spent the last 2.5 years being a farmer and stay at home mom but it is something I have really struggled with. I never wanted to be a stay at home mom and I know I am a much better parent when I have time away to recharge. So I am starting small with 8 days and hope to pick up other week long stints in film as the year goes on.  I hope one day my girls can understand why I occasionally went away for work and feel inspired to follow their own dreams ❤️


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