In case you have been following along you may remember a post from a couple weeks ago about my husband and I sleeping on our livinroom floor 🙈 Our big brain wave was that in removing ourselves from our own bedroom and also the room R’s crib is in that she would realize we were not there in the middle of the night and put herself back to sleep. Well we did have some awesome nights, in fact there was even a night she slept through the whole night!!! That was an exciting first in the world of baby R!  I strongly feel it was a strategic move of her part to lull us into a false sense of security and then slam us with one of her worst nights ever. I’m talking up every 15-30 minutes or just up for multiple hours on end of fussing, wailing, not wanting anything and then wanting to party at 3am. So that made me a rather glass half empty person the next day but we doggedly stuck to our plan. Fast forward a week and she was still having super ruff nights and we were rapidly growing sick of sleeping on a mattress on the floor.


Last night we figured things really couldn’t get much worse so we moved the double mattress into T’s room, aka the only other bedroom in the house other than our own room.  It took an extra 2 hours of them adjusting and playing before both were sleeping and my heart melted a little to see them snuggled up together. Things were going great and like an idiot I stayed up until midnight enjoying some freedom and Netflix. It was within the first 5 seconds of going to bed that R woke up and the rest of the night was once again horrible with myself and my wonderful husband taking turns. We are on night 2 of our experiment and you may think we are crazy to keep trying but last night wasn’t sleepless because of putting them in bed together it was just R doing her thing. So we are going to keep trying! T was so excited about having R sleep in her bed tonight when we were getting ready and putting pj’s on, except she was very serious when she told R she needs to sleep and no crying!!   If you are reading this please send all the happy sleep dust you can spare ❤️

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