Tomorrow morning I am waking my girls up early and even though baby R has a cold I am loading them into the truck and we are doing a 5 hour round trip to Saskatoon. If I was just going shopping I would totally reschedule until everyone was feeling better but tomorrow is much more important then any old errand.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting hundreds of women from Saskatchewan at City Hall in Saskatoon and joining hundreds of thousands of women marching globally. We are marching in support of human rights, this is not a Trump protest and it is not prolife versus prochoice. This is women standing together in solidarity for the protection of our basic human rights. It’s women fighting for their families, for multiculturalism, diversity, safety and equality. This is about supporting everyone, no matter where they come from or the colour of their skin. This is saying NO to anyone who thinks they should have a say in anyone else’s bodies but their own.

Tomorrow I march for my girls, their future children and for anyone anywhere who’s rights are not being respected, who’s rights are threatened and who’s rights have been taken away.

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