If you look very closely you will notice that the picture below is a mattress in the middle of a living room.


When you live in a tiny 2 bedroom farmhouse sleeping arrangements can get creative while trying to sleep train a 13 month old. A couple days ago I decided that enough was enough and as much as I enjoy cosleeping with my youngest for half the night she isn’t getting a good sleep in our bed and neither am I. Right now our current set up has her crib in our room and my toddler has her own room. This works great for half the night but as soon as she wakes up and knows I’m in the same room as her there is no way she is putting herself back to sleep when she could instead have mommy snuggles and boobies. Two nights ago I tried sleeping on the couch and ended up sore so I just gave up and went in there at 4 when she woke up for snuggles. Last night we upped our game and pulled the spare mattress out after the girls were asleep. It fit perfectly between the couches in the living room and I got a much better sleep on it! R still woke up at 4 but she slept from 8-4 all by herself 🙌🙌🙌 The goal is to get her sleeping really well by herself and then we are going to tackle putting both the girls in the same bed in T’s room which should be a lot of fun 😂

4 thoughts on “Sleep training in a Tiny Farm House

  1. I’ll be following this closely. Little nelly has just changed sleeping habits, constantly nursing to get back to sleep and then sometimes she just doesn’t. Arrh.
    When I’ve got her sleeping well, I’d like her and little miss to share. 😬

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