So tonight I cooked a bunch of bananas! Ah ha got ya! You might be thinking mmm here comes a delicious recipe, well I am sorry to disappoint. When I say I cooked a bunch of bananas I literally mean just that, I turned on the wrong burner on the stove and cooked a bunch of bananas 🙈 You might ask why I had a bunch of bananas sitting on my stove and not the counter and I will tell you!


My life usually consists of running from point A to D and looping back to cover B and C at some point during the day. Winter is better as there is a bit more down time from farming and I can pretend to be a subscriber to the lovely cookbook I have sitting on my shelf by Nigella Lawson ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’. As for now I will continue running around like a chicken with its head cut off! This year has been more challenging then most. With harvest being so drawn out due to weather delays it means that even though we have had a really long and favourable fall we are SO very behind on farm jobs.

We are just now getting around to banding.

(Growing cereals like wheat require more fertilizer then pulses like peas or lentils. Instead of spreading it on top of the field before we seed in the spring we band it into the ground in the fall. We treat the fertilizer with a stabilizer to keep it from gassing off before the seedlings need it. We have found our proteins levels are higher when we band and it saves us a job in the spring. We also always seed cereals into pulse stubble since pulses put nitrogen back into the soil. Having a good crop rotation allows us to protect our greatest resource, our soil.)

For the past couple days the girls and I get up, scavenge breakfast, find some clothes and hit the road. Town to run errands or deliver eggs (the girls have their own business but more on that later) then to the field where we have a picnic lunch in the tractor, the girls have their naps after lunch while I drive. Daddy gets home from work and switches us out around 4:30 and we go to the farm to do some other chores. We usually head home around 6pm to cook supper if we don’t eat at Grandma and Grampas. After supper is warm milk, stories and bed and I get to choose between showering and cleaning the kitchen. That is if we have enough water to do either. At the moment we do not so the girls and I will be hauling water in the morning before hitting the field.

The above outline gives you an idea as to why I had a bunch of bananas sitting on my stove. My kitchen needs organizing and a good deep cleaning. My suitcase needs unpacking from a road trip that the girls and I got home from 3 days ago. The floors haven’t been swept in, well probably since before I left on my road trip and I really cannot disclose the last time the limited carpets in my house were vacuumed. Laundry needs to be done but will have to wait until there is more water and I need, I mean really need to get a work out in!

Tonight I took baby steps towards a cleaner house and a healthier me. Cleaned my kitchen after getting the girls to sleep and did some meal prep so I can get back on track for clean eating and working out. I did so well for the first 8 months after R was born and was really proud of my progress. Now she is a couple weeks from turning 1 and I am watching the number on my scale go up instead of down. So starting tomorrow I am going to be more accountable, I will take better care of myself and the house and put those pesky bananas on the counter where they belong!

One thought on “Cooked Bananas

  1. Lol poor bananas! It’s hard work doing it all and we all learn what has to give and sometimes it’s the house, sometimes it’s ourselves but we eventually get back to it. The long harvest has made everything drag out and I’ve felt a very large lack in motivation. Keep your chin up your doing good – even if you did ‘cook’ bananas for supper!


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