In film we fondly refer to the last shot of the night as the ‘window’. When the crew hears the Assistant Direcror call “this is the window folks” they all work a little faster and get a little smile on their faces as they know their 12-16 hour day is soon coming to and end.


I no longer spend my days on film sets listening for the 1st AD to call ‘window’ but this last week of weather has been a ‘window’ of sorts for us Farmers in Western Canada, trying wrap up our 2016 harvest. This has honestly been a harvest for the books. If you read my last post, you will recall me proclaiming that we had pulled the pin on this years harvest and moved onto all the other odd jobs on the farm. Well I have a secret for you, farmers are eternal optimists! We have to be, how else could we possibly continue on year after year with crazy weather, crappy grain prices and everything else that gets thrown our way. So even though we said we were throwing in the towel, we left our combines greased and sitting in the field just in case we got a weather opening 🙂

The last couple days have been a big push. With cold tempuratures at night, fog, dew and low day time highs the hours where combining was possible have been short. We have made the most of them and tonight when it started spitting and the combines got shut down we were left with 60 acres of standing barley. Well it’s kind of standing, it’s mainly hailed out and has been snowed on at least 2 times but hey it’s still a crop. Will the weather cooperate and allow us to wrap up?! Who knows,  your guess is as good as mine. But for us and the thousands of other farmers out there who are struggling to finish I sure hope so!

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