We have officially pulled the pin on harvest 2016. I would like to say it was a good year but I can’t. We had rain delays starting in seeding that put the crops behind schedule. We had a massive hailstorm that wiped out a large percentage of our crops. We lost crops to running and standing water from storms. We kept getting rain that shut us down during harvest and downgraded our crops quality and then it SNOWED. October 4th and we had our first snow storm that brought everything to a grinding halt. We still have 100 acres of barley that needs to be combined and 130 acres of hailed out crops that need to be swathed and baled. In fact we still have 2 combines sitting in the field waiting to be brought home when the field freezes hard enough or dries up enough to get them out. But none of that matters because Mother Nature decided that we were done. Sending about an inch of rain followed by multiple snowstorms that levelled any standing crop and put so much moisture into the ground we still cant get around our fields.



The first snowstorm dumped so much snow that I actually pulled my snowmobile out of the shop and sledded over to the farm to do morning chores. It even got cold enough at night to freeze all of the outside hydrants so that I was forced to bucket water from the farm house across the farm to the pigs and chickens. A couple days later I was harvesting garden produce for Thanksgiving dinner and it took a whole 15 minutes searching through the snow and wild dill to find the remaining 5 feet of carrots in their row!

We are working out scenarios for what crops we want to grow next year. We know that we cannot grow durum wheat for many years to come because of the levels of disease that are now in our soil from this year. We are attempting to market this years durum as well and it is so full of disease we are having trouble. The disease came from having over 20 inches of rain fall during the growing season. This year we got delt one bad card after another when it came to weather and we will feel the effects for years to come.



Since our harvest was ended early we have moved onto all the other tasks on the endless list of farm jobs. This morning we sorted calves and ivermect’d the cows. Ivemectin is a type of medication used to protect cattle and other animals from parasites like worms and lice. Our corrals need a lot of work as well and we need to figure out where all our critters are going to winter so that they all have access to shelter. I think we are in for a wild winter! We still need to get all of our bales out of the field and if we go in when its frozen the twines will break as they are frozen to the ground and when it warms up its to muddy to be in the field 😫 Tomorrow we are supposed to be roofing one of our quanset’s so wish us luck that weather cooperates with us for once and no one gets blown away 😉



I want to wish everyone else still working on #harvest16 a safe, productive and fruitful harvest ❤️


One thought on “Harvest 2016

  1. Thanks for sharing! It will be interesting what kind of winter we get. And as I sit here catching up on your blog it’s hard to believe that a month ago we had snow and frost. And yesterday was +22. Have to love Saskatchewan weather!!

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