Were you beginning to think I had disappeared?! The harvest crazies got to me for a little while but I am back! I have my parents here helping with the girls and farming right now and it is such a blessing. The girls love them so much, in fact my toddler prefers ‘her Yaya’ to me hehe!

Yesterday I put myself in a vulnerable place by sharing a photo of myself nursing my 9 month old while combining. I have already had someone accuse me of being a horrible mother and tag child services in a tweet about me bringing my girls along while farming. I was worried that people might have a similar issue with me having my little one not only in the combine but in my arms. I also worried about the reaction I would get because it was a breastfeeding photo. I have nursed both my girls and to me breastfeeding is beautiful, natural and so convenient. I am well aware that the opinion of the general public is not always as accepting of the breast when it is put out there in a non sexual way.


I am blown away by the response I received to my photo! It has been so heartwarming to read the positive comments coming in from both men and women. I shared the photo on Twitter, Instagram and on multiple agricultural pages on Facebook and there was not a single negative comment, not one! I am so happy I put that photo out into the interworld. Not only because we still need to work on normalizing breastfeeding but because for me it is a raw, magical moment that expresses my journey through motherhood and farming.

As one gentleman so aptly commented. “Feeding the world, while feeding one”

14 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Love this! I love the photo you posted and it’s so refreshing to hear that everyone who saw it took for exactly what it is and nothing more – a hardworking mama multitasking and feeding her babe, while kicking ass as the same time! You are a rockstar, and it hurts my heart to know that people have actually had negative things to say about the girls growing up the way they are. I hope that person never needs to be a head of lettuce or an ear of corn after bashing on a farmer. Keep kicking ass mama!


    • Ug I know that Twitter thing made me feel so sick to my stomach and I was honestly scared the rest of the day. It’s hose moment I wonder if I’m cut out for sharing life with social media. But then there are amazing moments like the reactions to this photo and I feel confident sharing my story ❤️


  2. I love it! Saw it first on an ag page on Facebook and so glad you shared. I breast feed all 3 of my kids. I think it is beautiful and very natural! I also think your picture shows that there are others out there who are doing all kinds of different things while being an exceptional mother! I love seeing parents with their kids right there! I love that while you are working hard, your baby is right where she should be, in your arms! Hang in there and keep being an amazing momma to your Littles!

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  3. Omg this is such a BEAUTIFUL picture! 😍❤ You are a beautiful mama and just so inspiring. I’m so glad you didn’t let one comment get you down. #normalizebreastfeeding

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  4. Beautiful! I saw this about a woman one time who was being yelled at by another lady for breastfeeding in public, saying people dont want to see her breast. So the mom decided to crochet a hat for the baby to wear and the hat was made to look like a boob with a nipple on top of his head! It was hilarious.

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