Today was a magical day for harvesting, we woke and there was no dew for the second morning in a row. This pretty much means get your butt out of bed and in the combine! Today was my farmers last day at his contracting job so my day started when my toddler was woken up at 6:45am by Daddy heading to work. I had my alarm set for 7am anyways as I was aiming to get kids dressed, fed, brushed, and out the door with lunches made by 8am.

*photo curtesy of Tractor Fitness


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We loaded up and left the house slightly behind schedule and I dropped my toddler at daycare and headed off to find two bolts to replace ones we broke yesterday. These bolts were special as they were threaded their entire length, so of course I could not find any in town. Next stop was the farm to cut ready-rod in 4″ lengths and weld nuts on one end to make my bolts, because if you can’t buy it make it! Feeling rather pleased with myself, my 9 month old and I headed to the field to service the combine, around 9am. I’m still trying to get rolling as quick as possible to cash in on the extra field hours no dew allows for. Every morning we give the combines a once over to check for things that need to be repaired, blow the radiator out, check oil levels and grease anything that is due. R found it rather dull and decided to have a morning nap while I was running around with the grease gun.

I noticed the bearing on the end on the cleaning fan drive pulley that was blown. So I pulled it off and once again we headed into town. I knew it was a long shot of finding what I needed there as we run Case combines and the closest dealership is in the city which is a 45 minute drive. John Deere could order my part in but since it wouldn’t arrive till the next day that wasn’t an option. (A combine not running during harvest is just costing the farmer money in product.) Today was starting to look like a write off and at 11:30am R and I headed off to the city. I had called ahead so I knew my part was in and that it had been set aside. I picked it up and a couple other items we needed and back to our little town we went. On the way through we picked T up from daycare around 2pm and since is was time for her afternoon nap she fell asleep on the way out to the field. R helped me fix the combine while T napped in the truck. By this point I am beyond frustrated about how the day that has been wasted running around.

After we had everything back together and ready to go it was now 4pm and a quick nursing session for R and bum change were in order. Then T woke up just time to get loaded into the combine and the girls and I combined until grampa came to switch us out at 6:30pm for supper.

Luckily for us grandma had supper ready and we got to sit down just before 7pm to eat. Daddy joined us for a quick bite at 7:30pm. After he was done eating I hitched a ride in his high clearance sprayer back to the field to pick up a truck we needed back at the farm. At 8:30pm I loaded the girls up and home we went for jammies and story time. L got home just in time to put T to bed while I spent 45 minutes getting a screaming R to sleep. She is in her 4th night of adjusting to her crib and not happy about it.


It is now 10:30pm dishes haven’t been done in 2 days, kitty litter needs to be changed and I didn’t get to shower today but all that doesn’t matter. I’m tired and need to go to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow, excpet the breakdowns I hope!

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