I have felt added pressure living in a small farm community to be a stay at home mom. The kind of amazing women who tends to the kids, keeps up with the chores and house and turns out amazing meals to feed the masses, especially during seeding and harvest. But that is not who I am and it doesn’t make me happy, truthfully it actually makes me resentful for having those expectations tossed on me just because I bore a couple kids. I have the upmost respect for women in that roll but of all the hats I wear that isn’t one I enjoy. When asked what I do I say farmer, because yes I am mom but my job is to help run with the farm.


Since we are a young farm family just starting out that means means my Farmer works off farm to make ends meet and both of us work on the farm. Well really I should say all 4 of us work on the farm. My oldest T got her start as a combine operator when she was 6 weeks old. Both girls love the white noise and vibration of equipment as I spent the majority of both pregnancies running tractors and combines. This spring we had both girls out all day and built a new fence line and put a gate in. It takes extra time farming with the girls and a lot of multitasking but they have been little rock stars. I am sure there are some who do not agree with the way we are raising our girls and that is fine. No they do not have the strict routine that many parents strive for but they still have their naps everyday just not always in their own beds.

I am a farmer and I am a mom, that means where I go the girls go to. They make parts runs with me, hang out while I work on equipment (T loves playing with my tools) and they ride in the equipment with us. We have car seats everywhere and sometimes we don’t even know what piece of equipment they are we do so much running around. My girls are 5th generation farmers, it is in their blood and it is how they are growing up. I think it is special and I hope as they get older I can instil strength and conviction in them that women can do anything and that having kids does not mean you have to give up your passions. I must also say we are extremely blessed to have the family help that we do. My mother in law helps watch the girls sometimes and does a lot of the cooking in peak farming season. My father in law helps run and fix equipment when we need a hand and my parents always come out for a stint during seeding and harvest to help as well!

We have had our blunders, laughed a lot, shed some tears but when I take a moment to step away from the craziness of our lives I am always amazed at what our little farm family can accomplish! I am excited to see our family and our farm grow together!


4 thoughts on “Farm Family

  1. Well said. We raised our kids that way and our girls as well as our boys can do it all- chores, running the tracto and gophering. And our boys can do laundry and feed themselves too. They are strong independant people with good work and community ethics and it makes all the crazy of four young kids getting hauled everywhere worth it totally. They didn’t all choose farming/ranching as a life choice but when it gets busy they all come home and pitch in. And it makes work fun. We can be farmers/ranchers and Moms and raise good kids. So keep on parenting and safe harvest to all!!

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  2. great blog, I’ll definitely be checking you out some more. Just started following you on instagram. I know it is hard work and the dishes don’t get done but you are doing it!
    Dreams are realized and your beauty radiates from within.

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