Well Mother Nature you have delt us a devastating blow. This was the year we thought we might get ahead, but I guess that’s farming isn’t it. Hail, tropical monsoon rain and wind. We will be lucky if we have enough peas to use as seed. Most or our pea crop is laying in the wet ground and the peas still in pods are cracked so as soon as we touch them with a combine they will shell out into the field. Our spring wheat is gone, durum and barley are hurt and we won’t know the extent of their damage until we go to harvest. Our lentils are laying on the ground and a lot have shelled out. It’s going to be very hard to combine them and if it doesn’t stop raining they may just rot where they lay before we can get to them. I would cry if it would make a difference.

I am not writing this because I am looking for sympathy. I am writing this because I want people to be aware of the heartbreak and the fragile existence of farming. Our entire crops existence is dependant on well timed weather. Not enough rain after seeding or through the summer and we watch our crops wither and die. Get enough rain when it’s needed but it doesn’t stop for harvest and we sit and watch our crops start to be adversely effected or rot in the fields. One 10 minute hail storm can wipe out our entire crop, we call it the white harvester. We farm because it is a calling, it’s a lifestyle choice and for us it’s not a job. Farming is all consuming, never ending hours in all weather conditions, it involves family sacrifice and sometimes complete heartache and devastation.

5 out of the last 6 years we have been hailed out and you know what, it hurts just as much each time. We will keep farming because it is who we are but one year it would sure be nice to catch a break and get a head.


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