Dearest T,
Tomorrow you turn two, over night you magically transform from my not so little baby girl into a sparkling eyed toddler.  I know the next few years are going to be rocky.  You will be establishing yourself as your own being with a big and bubbly personality that is uniquely your own.  I already know that you are going to be just as stubborn as your Dad and I and I hope that we can navigate those waters without too much turbulence.

Tonight as I sang you to sleep with my not so on key rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little
Star I reflected on the past two years.  Your Dad and I are so honored that you chose us to be your parents.  Your arrival took us by surprise but you knew better than we did what our lives were missing and how to make us whole.  You turned our twosome into a family and made our house into a home.   You have taken to farming and farm life with a zest that would have impressed your Great Great Grandpa Emmanual  (he homesteaded our farm over 100 years ago).  You are our strong little 5th generation farmHer and we couldn’t be more proud of you.

I hope that over the coming years you keep your curiosity, your sense of humor never dims and that you continue to find happiness and amazement in the little things.  Dream big my darling, there is no such thing as reaching too high or too far.  Take the road less travelled or better yet create your own path.  Your Dad and I will always be here to catch you when you fall or to help you find your way when you think you are lost.

Love forever and always,

Mommy & Daddy


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