A Proud ME Moment

I realized today that my youngest R will soon be 7 months old, meaning I am also almost 7 months postpartum. That got me thinking about this amazing body of mine and that in the last 36 months my body has gone through two pregnancies, two amazing drug free water births and now two postpartum journeys. I am not a fitness guru or a Beachbody coach, I don’t obsess about working out or my diet. Although we do eat very healthy as most of what we eat is made from scratch and usually partially or fully made from farm produce. That being said I LOVE food, I love to cook and to bake and to indulge.  I also love to run and to exercise, for me it is the way I deal with the everyday stresses that come with being a mom, a wife and a farmHer.


I got pregnant with R when T was only 8 months old, we knew we wanted our children close but we didn’t realize the first try would do the trick! I put forward a better effort though my second pregnancy to curb the cravings and to be more active. One of the things that really helped was joining an online ‘fitmommas group’ they not only kept me motivated but over the 9 months we all became close friends. They are the most amazing group of non-judgemental women you will ever find and I hope one day to meet them. I trained as a Doula while I was pregnant with T and I know from research and personal experience that staying active and working out through pregnancy helps with labor and recovery. My second pregnancy I gained 15lbs less than my first and now at almost 7 months postpartum I weigh 15lbs less then I did at this point the first time round.

My proud ME moment happened today when I was comparing a photo I took the other day, to a picture of myself 7 months postpartum with T. I am fitting into pants I haven’t worn in 5 years and I am happy with the way my upper arms look in a tank top for the first time in a very long time. I am not working out to erase the changes having the girls left on my body, I am so proud of what my body has gone through and accomplished. I work out and eat healthy for my girls and my farmer, I want to live a long and healthy life with them and for them. I want my little ladies to grow up with body confidence, healthy habits and safe outlets for stress. I don’t have set goals but I am excited about my fitness progress and look forward to seeing where my body is in another 7 months!



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